Not getting proper signals after doing so many efforts? Or signals in your home network are so weak that it gets disconnected frequently? Don’t worry you are not the only one who has this issue. Actually these issues gave birth to the invasions of Wi-Fi extenders. Who are available with wide ranges of companies from low to branded one.

Have you ever tried TP links extenders? We guess you using them. We are so sure because we do receive our customers’ calls regarding issues which they face like TP-Link wireless repeater and tp link extender setup. No worries, we are here to help you with all the required information on these issues. Lets discuss the TP-Link wireless repeater setup.

  • In order to login to the TP-Link Wi-Fi extenders, we have to fill the local address or
  • After login, it will be easy to make advance setting in tp-link extenders.
  • In absence of correct configuration, tp link wireless repeater can’t work.

If you find any difficulty by applying above steps, you can call anytime to our support unit. They are available 24×7 a days. They will resolve all your queries.

Having problem in TP-Link extender setup? If yes, then follow these steps carefully.

  • Do you have required root router information? We want to tell you that by default DHCP function on the Range Extender are disabled.Manually assigning of an IP address to the computer is essential for matching the default IP address of the range extender.
  • Now connect computer to the Range Extender via Ethernet cable by disconnecting the wireless from root router.

These are some points, we hope that this might help you. Still need assistance, call right now, and our customers support unit is waiting for your calls.

You can also find information on TP-Link extender setup on our website or on products manuals also. You will not be left alone in any circumstances. Customers’ satisfaction has so much value for TP link. Don’t get detached from outer world. Use TP link extenders and repeaters to stay connected with others.

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